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1. ___ is the process of how animals slowly changed into what they are today.
3. Is it ___ to think that everybody can love everybody else?
7. Does the U.S. President live in the ___ of Columbia?
8. An ___ person tries to hurt other people.
9. The evil ___ told Eve to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden.
11. Your ___s make up your ___ cage. They protect your heart and lungs.
12. You can ___ anybody about anything. A judge and jury will decide your case.
14. Use the ___ to clean the sink. Then squeeze the water out of the ___.
15. The movie star has a good public ___. He has many fans.
16. My ___s lived in Europe many generations ago.
18. Some monkeys are smart, but are they as ___ as humans?
21. You can't wear sneakers with a business suit--it looks ___!
22. The school ___ consists of many different disciplines, including English and Art History.


2. Is your driver's license ___, or has it expired?
3. Don't ___ with others. Nobody likes arguments.
4. How many stars and other heavenly bodies are in the ___?
5. The first book in the Bible is the Book of ___. It tells about the creation.
6. There is a ___ in your logic. Your argument doesn't hold water.
10. ___ teaches that God made all things; there is no such thing as evolution.
13. ___ is the science of studying living organisms.
17. God loves all His ___s, big and small.
19. My grandpa and grandma have ___ teeth.
20. The holy ___ contains the Old and New Testaments.