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1. The U.S. ___ Bureau takes a nationwide ___ every 10 years.
2. People have a lot of ___ in their garages.
6. The exhibition is free, but they would appreciate a ___ of a dollar or two.
7. A ___ is a horse. You ___ a horse by putting your foot in the stirrup.
8. Is the city instituting a program to ___ this problem?
10. Government ___s provide money to pay English teachers.
12. Be on the ___ for sharks when you go surfing.
13. A ___ takeover occurred when the Acme company bought out the Star company.
14. Read the instructions on the ___ before you use the medicine.
15. Did the book about mountain-climbing ___ him to climb a mountain?
16. Can you take photography courses at the NY ___ of Photography?


1. Manhattan is in New York ___, which is in New York State.
2. ___ of a species requires it to adapt to its surroundings and to avoid predators.
3. A ___ person walks with his head high and a smile on his face.
4. Do millions of people in the U.S. work for private ___s such as Wal-Mart and McDonald's?
5. State and local ___s ask for money from the federal ___.
6. She was ___ for food, so she stole some bananas.
9. Politicians have ___s to get elected.
11. ___ 66 is a famous old highway in the U.S.