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1. ___ trains carry cars and other products all across America.
6. ___ly, I stopped the car before I hit the woman. Un___ly, I wrecked my car.
8. You have to download and ___ many programs onto your computer.
10. Are dishwashers, washers, and dryers popular ___s in many homes?
12. Look both ways before crossing the railroad ___s.
14. Los Angeles is on the west ___; NYC is on the east ___.
16. Was the driver charged with reckless ___ment?
18. Does a ___ store sell mostly alcohol?
19. The ___ between the train and the truck caused the truck to flip over.
20. A strong wind will ___ away leaves and paper.
21. Don't be a ___bug. Put your trash into a container.


1. The U.S. Air ___ has many pilots and planes.
2. The city doesn't have funds to pay for safety ___ like flashing lights and mechanical arms.
3. Don't honk your ___ near a hospital.
4. The check bounced because of in___ funds.
5. The ___ equipment needs preventive maintenance every week.
7. I can't ___ that the flowers will arrive by noon. They might arrive a little later.
9. That's a ___ off my mind. I feel better now.
11. He wasn't drunk, but he was speeding and driving ___ly.
13. The trial took place in the ___ Court for the Southern ___ of New York.
15. The police tow truck towed the driver's ___ to the impound lot.
17. Did the accident cause a lot of ___ to your vehicle?