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1. A ___ is a poisonous snake. Pit ___s and horned ___s are types of ___s.
2. Are your ribs part of your ___? Are your lungs part of your ___?
5. He has a ___ for being honest and respectful.
7. Did they put the victim into an ___ and take him to a hospital?
8. The child ___d his mother's hand.
9. ___, the bag was covering the man's head and part of his chest.
13. The current ___ is trying to get more people employed nationwide.
16. ___ snakes will harm you with their poison.
17. The atom ___ and the hydrogen ___ are threats to mankind.
20. She will ___ her opposition to the amendment. Instead, she will support the amendment.
21. Why is there no toilet ___ in the bathroom?
22. He will fully ___ from his surgery in a week or two.
23. A poisonous snake delivers the poison through two ___s.


1. A snakebite ___ needs immediate hospital care.
3. Hikers walk along ___s in mountains and forests.
4. A snake ___ handles snakes for a living.
6. The victim was ___. He lay motionless on the ground.
10. Do ___s usually work with the fire department to save lives?
11. A garbage ___ grinds up food poured down the sink.
12. All apartments have a bathroom ___ and a kitchen ___.
14. That is a ___ cut; it's going to need stitches.
15. Put the cap back on ___, or the juice might spill out.
18. Some kids don't ___ their shoelaces.
19. She was ___ing on her cigarette.