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2. An ___ is a choice. You have the ___ to fly or to drive.
4. ___, most of us will die from disease or old age.
5. The musician plays the bongos and the ___s.
7. Some people are never happy; they ___ about everything.
8. We have to learn to ___ annoying people if we can't simply avoid them.
9. "___ and bear it" is a form of tolerance.
12. Go on the defensive, or go on the ___?
14. Don't ___ about your problems. Nobody wants to hear your moaning.
15. That song is a ___ from the past.
16. The landlord is upset with the ___ in Apartment 1B.
17. Are you ___? You can't rob a police station!
18. There is mono, and there is ___.


1. I can't ___ watching any more of this TV show. Turn it off, please.
3. What is all that ___? I hear hammers ___ nails.
4. Don't be ___ed. Many people smile with spinach stuck between their teeth.
6. The noise ___ed as I walked farther from the construction site.
10. He ___ asked if he could borrow my lawn mower.
11. Do you ___ how hard I work every day?
13. Please turn the TV ___ down. It's hurting my ears.