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2. UPS and FedEx deliver lots of big and small ___s almost every day.
3. I heard that ___. That wasn't a nice thing for you to say.
9. ___ is golden. So please be quiet.
11. I ___ you that I will love you forever.
12. Girls love to play with Barbie ___s.
13. My wife is ___. The baby is due in two months.
15. They ___ed to each other when they met. They didn't shake hands.
16. ___s have hard shells and walk very slowly. Many of them are good swimmers.
17. There are many ___s in NYC every year. People enjoy attending these ___s.
19. Can you ___ how old I am? No, I'm not that old!
20. Evel Knievel was a famous ___ rider and daredevil.


1. Take the ___per off the candy bar.
2. People love to do crossword ___s, like this one!
4. Like a ___ ball, you'll come bouncing back to me.
5. Most houses are on land, but some people live in ___s on the water.
6. Is the volume of a cube measured in ___ inches?
7. Put a clean ___case on the soft ___. Then rest your head on the ___.
8. Do you ___ through your nose or through your mouth? Or both?
10. Santa Claus visits kids every ___. Kids love to get ___ presents.
14. Don't ___ a stop sign. Don't ___ instructions on a label. Don't ___ what your parents tell you.
15. Every year the workers get a Christmas ___. Usually the ___ is a check for $100.
18. A sun ___. A flashlight ___. A ___ of light. A balance ___. A steel ___.