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1. Trash belongs in trash ___s.
3. Watch the ___ toss three balls in the air and play with them.
5. The parade ___ is Main Street to Maple Street to Elm Street.
8. There were ___ cars and ___ animals at the exhibition.
9. A ___ is a car with a removable top.
11. ___ your hand in friendship to others.
13. Bicycle riding is allowed on streets but not on ___s, where people walk.
15. Did hundreds of ___s watch the parade?
18. The Christmas parade is an ___ event. It occurs every year.
19. The dogs are ___ing each other with their wet noses.
20. The signs are ___ed to the metal posts with big screws.
21. She was ___ happy. She had never been so completely happy.
26. The wind ___s harder in the morning than in the evening.
27. The plastic wrap ___s to the bowl.
28. Are there hundreds of ___s walking in the parade?
29. The lifeguard ___d the swimmer who was drowning.
30. You can pay with cash, ___, or credit card.


2. You do ___s around the house, and you run errands outside of the house.
4. You pay taxes to local, state, and federal ___s.
6. ___s paint their faces and wear funny costumes and huge shoes. They make you laugh.
7. Many kids want to be a policeman or a ___ when they grow up.
10. He puts his dog on a ___ before he takes it for a walk.
12. Will they ___ the graduation ceremony, or will they miss it?
14. Many important ___ will attend the ceremony.
16. Macy's sponsors a big Thanksgiving ___ down 6th Avenue every year.
17. Rugmakers ___ various strands of cloth to make the rug.
22. Don't ___ at me. Just speak in a normal tone of voice.
23. A ___ is a real estate agent who belongs to the National Association of ___s.
24. Water was ___ing out of his soaking wet shoes as he walked.
25. Did the local mountain rescue ___ march in the parade?