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1. Do women put their wallets into their ___s?
6. The house was a ___ wreck after the hurricane hit it. Nothing was left standing.
7. Did she want a ___ from her husband? She didn't love him anymore.
8. ___ your energy on what you want to achieve.
9. This light bulb costs more, but it's more ___ and will last much longer.
13. The grand ___ in the contest is $1,000 a week for life.
14. A ___ is a lot of money coming to you at once.
15. You should make a ___ handshake with others. Don't be limp.
16. Apple's iPhone and iPad have ___d the way people use technology.
18. Each ___ on the team should work to make the team better.
19. Coffee ___s and blood ___s are hard to remove from clothing.
20. Many people don't stay for an ___ baseball game. They leave in the seventh or eighth inning.


2. Can you ___ your weight if you eat less and exercise more?
3. Some people eat watermelon ___s, but most people spit them out.
4. The lump sum ___ is only half the amount of the 30-year ___.
5. She wants to develop more powerful housecleaning ___s.
6. Only two things are certain, they say: death and ___es.
10. Is she going to ___ a national housecleaning corporation?
11. Is Wal-Mart the largest ___ in the world?
12. Pimples are ugly ___es on someone's face.
15. FBI stands for the ___ Bureau of Investigation.
17. The lottery offers winners a one-time, ___ sum payout that is half the 30-year payout.