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4. My business ___ makes the phone calls to drum up more business for us.
5. When it's cold in the bedroom, get under the ___s in bed to stay warm.
6. Does a ___ shop sell second-hand goods?
8. The first ___ of this software was not very good, but ___ 2 is excellent.
11. ___ wrap keeps your food fresh in the refrigerator.
14. The sponge and cleanser are in the cabinet ___ the kitchen sink.
15. The value of something depends a lot on its ___. If there's only one, it's very valuable. If there are a million, it's worthless.
17. The police got a ___ of the robber from a witness who saw the robbery.


1. Plastic ___s keep food fresh and also protect goods from contamination.
2. Did the gymnast fall off the balance ___?
3. Schools have black___s and white___s for teachers to write on.
6. The movie was a ___er; people watched on the edge of their seats.
7. His son is a ___ off the old block; he's just like his dad.
9. Open the ___ and take the letter out of it.
10. Do you ___ an envelope by licking the glue?
12. People use ___s to buy and sell things for the highest bid.
13. The ___ rang up her purchase and gave her some change and the receipt.
16. Fruit will ___ if it sits on the ground for too long.