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2. He ___ed the folding chair and sat down in it.
4. The aromatic ___ of roses filled the room.
5. Everyone talks about the ___, but no one does anything about it.
6. A ___ person cannot see anything.
10. Dress ___ wherever you are. Wear nice clothes to church. Wear flip-flops to the beach.
13. I'm ___ with my life, although I'm not happy about everything.
14. Blind people use the ___ system to read with their fingers.
16. People make ___s to the Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations.
17. Don't be ___. Say Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, and I'm Sorry.
18. If you buy furniture at Ikea, you have to ___ it. Or pay someone to put it together.
20. A ___ is just a friend you haven't met.


1. He ___s at cards and at golf. I don't trust him one bit.
3. I promise I will love you ___.
4. Which is prettier--sunrise or ___?
7. The ___ is a wind instrument, like the trumpet, tuba, and trombone.
8. The rain left lots of ___s on the windows. We need to remove those dirty ___s.
9. Tin foil is made from ___.
11. A ___ by any other name would smell as sweet. ___s are beautiful flowers, but watch out for the thorns.
12. ___s play musical instruments.
14. The best ___ of the 1960s was The Beatles.
15. Drive on the street. Walk on the ___.
19. ___ is one of the five senses. The others are hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
20. Is ___ the short name for ___ophone?