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29         30          31       

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3. You have ___ glands in your neck, armpits, and groin.
6. Everybody has an ___ about everything. ___s, however, are not facts.
8. What is your ___? What is bothering you?
10. They rolled the gurney up the ___ into the building.
12. A pregnant woman might ___ if she falls down or gets hit in the stomach.
14. Usually I eat beef, but ___ I eat pork.
16. The moving ___ was full of household furniture.
17. There was a ___ on his arm from where the broken glass had cut him.
18. Is your ___ the center of your nervous system?
19. ___s are insects that become active every 17 years.
21. He ___ged the heavy piece of wood behind him.
24. ___ the plastic packet to get all the ketchup out of it.
25. The picture ___ is plastic, but it looks like wood.
26. I live in New York now, but ___ I'm from California.
28. ___ is a treatment for cancer victims that makes their hair fall out.
29. The refrigerator and stove are absolutely ___! Has anyone ever cleaned them?
30. There's a lot of construction on the road ahead, so ___ slowly.
31. ___s in your body secrete substances that your body needs.


1. A ___ is a violent, funnel-shaped windstorm that destroys everything in its path.
2. She got down on her ___s to scrub the floor.
4. People have a long-term ___ and a short-term ___. Alzheimer's patients have no ___.
5. ___y is the best policy. An ___ person doesn't cheat or lie.
7. Spark plugs are part of the ___ system of your car.
9. Where can I ___ a bicycle for the best price?
11. She's seven months' ___, but she doesn't know whether it's a boy or girl.
13. If you eat too much, you might get a ___. If you think too much, you might get a headache.
15. The truck was carrying a heavy ___ of bricks and lumber.
19. Your ___ is the organ in your abdomen that secretes bile.
20. Do cigarette smokers die from lung ___ and throat ___?
22. Give me an ___ of about how much this repair will cost.
23. The doctor will perform ___ on her to remove her appendix.
27. They spent money and said prayers to save her life, but it was all to no ___.