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1. Black and white ___ bears eat bamboo and come from China.
4. Can you steer or propel a canoe without a wooden ___?
8. Baby animals are so ___! You want to hug and pet them.
9. Tourists usually buy ___s from the cities they visit and take the ___s home with them.
10. King Kong is a ___ ape. It is huge!
11. People like to go shopping in the many stores in a shopping ___.
12. The store closed at 8. She got there at 7:55. She ___ made it in time.
16. Miami ___ gets crowded with people on the sand and in the ocean.
18. People walk on the wooden ___ at the beach and fish from it.
19. Some birds ___ on the wind currents; they rarely flap their wings.
20. A ___ is a popular vehicle for moms who transport lots of kids.


1. Take a ___ at the car outside through the window blinds.
2. Have you ever been to a ___ camp? ___s don't wear any clothes.
3. The Empire State Building is ___ for miles and miles. Everyone can see it.
5. A George Washington ___ is much more valuable than a Tiger Woods ___. Tiger signs hats, balls, and programs for everyone.
6. This roller coaster ride is ___. I was so afraid when I rode it.
7. ___s in Hawaii get to ride the biggest waves.
13. France, Spain, and Germany are part of the ___ Community.
14. My brother is ___. He likes to eat peanut butter, raisin, and mustard sandwiches.
15. If you ___ your bet, you might bet on both teams to win.
17. Don't stand too close to the mountainside ___, or you might fall off.