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1. Do cars with four ___s use less gas than cars with six or eight ___s?
3. Some people have book smarts, but they have no common ___.
4. A hocky ___. A glue ___. A wooden ___. A ___ of gum. A ___ of butter.
7. Buses, trucks, and cars are popular ___.
9. Everyone needs to put ___ into their gas tanks to fuel their vehicles.
10. She is an ___ designer. She designs kitchens and living rooms for people.
11. Very little rain ever falls in the hot, sandy ___s throughout the world.
12. How do I ___ my computer to my printer?
13. Many desk jobs involve a lot of ___. Each piece of paper needs to be read and filed.


1. People catch and ___ millions of pounds of fish every day.
2. An ___alist is someone who wants to keep the Earth green by preserving the ___.
4. The emergency tire in your car trunk is your ___ tire.
5. If you are always polite, you won't ___ others.
6. ___ly, did you remember to take your umbrella?
8. Do you need to buy ___ for your car, your house, and your health?