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1. ___s sit on their surfboards waiting for the next big wave.
4. Do you have any ___ change in your pocket?
7. I can't ___ the suspect until I put on my glasses.
9. The ___ of the USA is over 300 million people.
10. Please do me a ___ and chew with your mouth closed.
11. She gets ___ when she is hungry. Everything annoys her until she gets something to eat.
12. Some people stay ___ their whole lives. They never get plump or fat.
16. The ___ was just another event that needs investigation.
17. A ___ is an ocean animal that likes to sunbathe. Sharks consider ___s to be tasty meals.
19. You can get a nice ___ in a ___ning booth or at a sunny beach.
20. Wear a nice ___ and tie to your job interview.
21. Did you get ___ when you asked her out? Or were you calm?
22. Is Puerto Rico a ___ of the U.S., or is it a state?


1. Surfers ride and sit on ___s.
2. Neither spouse got 100% of what they wanted. They ___d and got about half what they wanted.
3. I wasn't demanding anything. I was ___ asking a question.
5. His phone ___ disappeared. He doesn't know if someone stole it or if he misplaced it.
6. We have to ___ our office in this building because they're going to destroy the building.
8. This meat is ___. Didn't you tenderize it?
9. Smoking is ___ed in NYC parks and restaurants.
13. Activists say that the surfers ___ on the seals' territory.
14. Let's ___ this divorce case as quickly as possible.
15. My children all have blue eyes and ___ hair.
18. Gun control is an important ___ that needs to be resolved.