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1. A bridge ___s the east side of town to the west side.
3. The rain ___ed from the sky for hours and hours.
4. Is your ___ clogged? Use a plumber's snake to unclog it.
6. Huge ___ drains get clogged with rocks and other debris. Flood waters cannot drain into the ocean.
8. Some ovens use ___, and others use gas.
9. Is 911 the number to call in an ___?
13. A sand trap on a golf course is also called a ___.
14. The ___ campfire sounded good. It also looked warm and felt warm.
15. I don't know his ___ right now. He could be anywhere. Have you checked the mall?
16. The police will ___ the crime scene to help find the criminal.


1. Is ___ made of sand, gravel, cement, and water? Is ___ used in highways and buildings?
2. Storm drains are ___ the streets.
4. ___ your batteries properly. Don't just throw them out anywhere.
5. He has a 50-foot rubber ___ that he uses to water his garden.
7. Do you prefer to sleep on a firm ___ or a soft ___?
10. Thieves steal ___ covers from the streets and sell them.
11. ___ smoke smells bad, but pipe smoke smells good.
12. Kids are ___ about everything. That's why they ask so many questions.