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1. Did you take English Literature during the fall ___ or the spring ___?
3. A red ___ glides high in the sky looking for rabbits to eat.
6. Should you ___ to someone if you offend them? Of course!
8. His parents ___ her to watching TV for only one hour on school nights.
9. It is with much ___ that I accept this award. Thank you all so much.
11. People with no ___ will never achieve much.
12. Dress ___ly wherever you go. At the beach, wear shorts. At the office, wear business suits.


1. He was so nervous that he ___ed as he spoke.
2. There is canned and packaged food in the kitchen ___s.
4. Did you get an ___ to her birthday party? I got mine in the mail yesterday.
5. You can ___ on him. He's very reliable and dependable.
7. He handled the issue ___, because that is his specialty.
9. He ___ed down his soda quickly and ran out of the restaurant.
10. The ___ is stuck. I can't pull it open. My socks are in that ___.