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1. 'Coke' is a popular name for ___, a white, powdered, illegal drug that users snort and smoke.
6. The ___ of something gives it many uses.
7. The ___ of something enables it to last a long time.
9. ___ plants produce 'wood' that is versatile and durable. The plants grow tall and fast.
10. You can't make biscuits or a cake without white ___.
11. The hurricane was responsible for the ___ of the whole town. Nothing was left standing.
14. Other names for ___ are grass, weed, pot, bud, and chronic. Many people smoke ___ worldwide.
16. The abuse of legal drugs is as big a problem as the abuse of ___ drugs.
17. You can help ___ diabetes if you eat right and exercise regularly.


2. Is whole grain rice more ___ than white rice? Does it have more nutrients?
3. Some people say that marijuana is a ___ drug. If you use it, you will start using other drugs.
4. Abuse of ___ic drinks, such as beer, wine, and whiskey, is a problem nationwide.
5. She has an ___ personality. Don't let her use drugs, or she will get hooked on them quickly.
8. She gets a complete physical ___. She pays her income tax ___.
11. This is a ___ mattress. It will last ten years at least.
12. Is ___ the primary ingredient of cigars and cigarettes?
13. She is so ___ for her young age.
15. Many paper products can be made from ___ instead of from trees. But the government thinks that ___ is marijuana.