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1. Einstein was a very ___ man, one of the smartest who ever lived.
4. Life is a ___ voyage from birth to death. The Earth and the universe are ___ places.
6. Can you ___ being rich if you were never poor?
7. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are ___aires. They are super-rich.
8. Get your head out of the ___. You can't ignore what's happening.
9. Is the universe ___? Is there no end to it?
10. There are army ___s, fire ___s, and carpenter ___s. A termite is not an ___.
13. Do you ever ___ how big the universe is?
14. The universe is a fantastic, ___ place.
15. An ___ has a trunk for grabbing food and drinking water, and it has tusks.
16. Does a baby ___ before it walks? Does it walk before it runs?


2. Humans cannot ___ the wonders of the universe.
3. They say the ___ started with the Big Bang.
4. The world is a ___ place. It fascinates everyone.
5. This is a problem of the first ___. It is urgent that we solve it immediately.
11. Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America are characters in ___ Comics.
12. A ___ of salt. A ___ of sand. A ___ of sugar. Wheat, corn, and barley are ___s.