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2. Students learn English partly through ___ exercises, ones that repeat words over and over.
3. Someone who has ___ shakes a lot uncontrollably.
6. A CAT ___ and a PET ___ are ways to see inside your body.
11. A ___ solution to a problem means you used your brain to solve the problem.
12. People with brain ___ are often treated with drugs.
13. Scientists shoot a polar bear with a tranquilizer gun to ___ it; then they can tag it, measure it, and weigh it.
14. A hospital is full of doctors, nurses, and sick ___s.


1. This wound will ___ faster if you don't bandage it too tightly.
4. The ___ of this apartment is 900 square feet.
5. The ___s of plants are very fibrous.
7. He forgot to turn off his ___ phone when he entered the classroom.
8. The best ___ for a hangover is time.
9. Some diseases are ___, and some are curable.
10. The office files are in ___. They need to be alphabetized.