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1. A ___'s stinger is poisonous, but people eat some ___s.
5. A ___ shakes the rattles on its tail to tell you it's angry.
9. The housing ___ was built 10 years ago. There are 100 houses in the ___.
10. A rescuer might try to ___ the venom out of a snakebite victim's body.
12. Scorpions, snakes, and cactus live in the ___.
14. Mountain ___s live in California; they sometimes attack people.
15. Did I ___ anything about a rent increase?
17. Does a snakebite ___ need immediate care?
19. Are mountain lions an endangered ___?
20. I was so hungry that I ___ed down three hamburgers in five minutes.
21. The ___ for dart players has a bull's eye in the center.


1. When Grandma died in her bedroom, she was ___ed by family members.
2. A soft ___ for my head is all I want for sleeping.
3. Are we surrounded by ___s that might bite us?
4. A ___ is like a wild dog, but it's smaller than a wolf. It howls at night.
6. ___s are little bloodsuckers that like to attach themselves to your head.
7. You can't ___ all the animals that might bite you. Mosquitoes, spiders, ants, and bees are everywhere.
8. More than 17,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for liver ___s.
11. After drinking all night, he felt ___ the next morning.
13. The woman was ___ly attacked by the dog.
16. She wasn't very hungry. She just ___d at her food.
18. Let's take a ___ in the woods or the mountains.