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1. A baby will ___ your finger hard with its hand.
5. The octopus ___s its toxin into its victim.
6. A ___ is a poisonous substance.
9. It was a three-___ fire. Many fire trucks showed up.
10. The pond is ___ because of the drought. It used to be a lot deeper.
11. Did he pull a ___ in his back trying to lift that heavy load?
14. The florist will ___ the flowers to the office.
17. Was he ___d from the neck down after the auto accident? Could he move anything except his head?
18. An octopus has eight ___s.


2. These sea animals like to live near docks and ___s.
3. Its toxin can be ___; the toxin can kill you.
4. A cat ___s up on its prey.
5. Am I ___? Nobody seems to see me or notice me.
7. The blue-ring ___ has bright blue circles on its tentacles.
8. A ___ lives in the water. It has pincers and a shell. Its eyes are on stalks.
12. My property ___s all the way to the beach.
13. You have to ___ yourself against your enemies.
15. She guards the eggs until they ___.
16. The male octopus dies shortly after it ___s.