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1. Use the plastic ___ to stir your drink
3. There is a huge ___ of sodas that you can choose to enjoy.
4. Containers and portable ice chests are ___d with Styrofoam.
6. Add ___ to your coffee if you don't have milk.
8. Do you wear a jacket on a ___ day?
9. The ___ to the store is on the north side, and the exit is on the south side.
12. Go to a ___ store to buy your groceries.
13. Every package or container of food has a certain number of ___s.
15. The prices in this store are ___; they're not too high.
16. Put the ___ back on the jar.
19. Many ___s in crosswalks get hit by cars.
20. Either drink directly from the cup, or put a ___ in the cup.
22. This pie is ___; I'll have another piece, please.
23. The ___ is measured in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
24. Is the microwave sitting on the kitchen ___?
25. Sugar and honey are popular ___s. They sweeten everything.


1. Many people have one foot that is ___ bigger than the other one.
2. Did you take your ___? I heard it might rain today.
3. Do you take a 2-week ___ from work every summer?
5. I ___ for the mistake I made. I'm sorry.
7. Go to the ___ if you need prescription drugs. The pharmacist will help you.
10. Don't complain to him. It'll just start an ___ between the two of you.
11. I'm ___ happy. I really mean that.
14. She asked for his ___, but he refused to forgive her.
17. Is anything ___? Can you draw a ___ circle? Can anyone have ___ happiness?
18. A slight ___ caused the tree leaves to move.
21. Long ago, people had ___ false teeth and ___ false legs.