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  15            16         
18                    19   
       20    21    22          
 23              24    25      
 26    27                  
       28     29           
   30             31       

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1. I ate too much. I have a ___ache.
4. A green, juicy dill ___ is perfect with a ham sandwich.
6. Put some ice ___s in my drink to make it cold.
7. Do you like peanut ___ and jelly sandwiches?
8. He ___d the report to see if he could find any typos.
10. Do you like jelly, jam, or ___s?
11. Do you prefer green ___s, yellow ___s, white ___s, or red ___s? Or shallots?
13. My stomach is ___ing; that means it's hungry.
16. I want my steak ___--not rare, not well-done.
17. Does the ___ wheel get the grease?
18. He had a 2-year ___ in the U.S. Army.
20. You should clean the coils of the ___ in your kitchen annually so the motor doesn't overheat.
26. I was ___ from school yesterday because I had a headache.
29. Ball bearings often need ___ to keep them working properly.
30. My shoes are ___; I have to wear socks for the shoes to fit tightly.
31. Would you like another ___ of pie or cake?


2. ___, mayo, and ketchup are favorite condiments.
3. Put the phone on ___ when you don't want the caller to hear you flushing the toilet.
5. Most people like to put ___ on their french fries.
7. My good ___ has been my friend since high school.
8. He put a red ___, not a cherry, on top of the ice cream in the bowl.
9. Please turn the TV ___ up. I can't hear what they're saying.
12. Do you want American ___, goat ___, blue ___, or Parmesan ___?
14. The vegetable and fruit ___s are the "drawers" at the bottom of my refrigerator.
15. Many people use ___ oil, but others prefer corn or canola oil.
17. I'm going to ___ to death if I don't get something to eat right now.
19. Soldiers are in the ___, and sailors are in the navy.
21. If you ___ your wings like a bird, will you fly?
22. Don't ___ the warning signs of changes in a mole. You might have cancer.
23. C-___s were the ready-to-eat meals for soldiers many years ago.
24. Take the ice cube ___s out of the freezer.
25. Does the squeaky ___ get the grease?
27. The milk is on the top ___ of the fridge. The luncheon meat is on the bottom ___.
28. How is your ___ going? Have you lost any weight yet?