To start, click a number in the grid. Type your answer in the blank space. Click "Hint" to get the next letter of your answer. Click "Enter" to make your answer part of the grid. Click "Check" to check your answer.

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           9       10   
11    12    13    14             
 16             17       
  20          21         

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1. ___, ___, on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all? She was looking in the bathroom ___.
4. I would like a ___ soda. Let's go to the country ___.
5. My plane ___s at 8 pm and arrives at midnight.
7. That's an ___ive resume you have. You should have no problem finding a job.
9. Don't call her "fat"! That's an ___ing thing to say.
11. Put your ___ into the ___ jar at the coffee shop.
13. Did she ___ a lot of junk over the years?
15. She tried to ___ her big car into the small parking space.
16. A ___ is an unmarried man. A ___ette is an unmarried woman.
18. This is a ___ ladder; it will hold up to 400 pounds.
19. Put the mayonaisse and the eggs back into the ___ before they go bad.
20. For the picnic, we had paper plates and ___ forks, spoons, and knives.
21. Do you hang your clothes in the ___?


2. Spare the ___ and spoil the child. He likes to drive his hot ___ fast.
3. The U.S. President has a ___ of officials who run various federal departments.
4. When will there be a ___ for cancer?
6. These pants are too ___; I can't zip them up. Maybe I'll have to lose weight.
8. Can you ___ out why my printer isn't working?
10. Where's a ___? I need to dry off after my shower.
12. The ___ from FedEx just arrived. Do you want me to open it?
14. He ___d her on what a pretty dress she was wearing.
17. My earphones are ___, but I'm only hearing mono.