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1. Is there any ___ that I can get an infection from a sterile needle?
3. The FBI can ___ criminals through fingerprints or DNA.
5. The man was arrested for ___ing his dog with the Sunday newspaper.
9. There was a good ___ at the blood drive. More than 100 donors showed up.
10. Please ___ whatever money you can spare to this cause.
13. The ___ on the gas gauge is near Empty.
14. Will they play the basketball game in the school ___?
16. I give you a money-back ___ that this product will last 20 years.
17. I got us a hotel ___ from Friday night until Sunday morning.


1. She ___ed his finger with the needle to draw a drop of blood.
2. She has a throat ___. Her doctor prescribed medicine for it.
4. Don't laugh when she throws things. You'll ___ her to keep throwing things.
6. Does your ___ give you time off from work to give blood?
7. What is my ___ number for this reservation?
8. I will be home ___ after dark.
11. Please don't get ___d in my personal affairs.
12. We need a blood ___ and a urine ___ from you.
15. He has been a blood ___ for 20 years. He has given a lot of blood.