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2. If you do well in high school, you'll go to college and ___ find a good job.
5. She got a ___ score on her SAT--1600. You can't do better than that.
6. Do ___s turn red, yellow, and gold, and then fall from the trees in autumn?
7. The ___ is going to be 85 degrees tomorrow, so be prepared.
8. It's raining. Don't you think you should turn on your windshield ___s?
9. Watch out for all the ___s in the street when it rains.
12. Do you have an ___ umbrella? I left mine in the office.
14. It's a ___y day. It's raining and cold.
15. Even on an ___ day, harmful sun rays can damage your skin.
17. I usually watch action movies, but ___ I watch documentaries.
18. Your ___ is filthy dirty. How can you see where you're driving?


1. Nobody ___s quiet time like parents who have loud, young kids.
3. I twisted my ___ while running in the street.
4. That test was a ___; I aced it.
10. You have to ___ the noodles while the water's boiling or they'll stick together.
11. If you ___ too much, everyone avoids you. Better to say nothing than to whine.
13. It's going to get ___ when the cloud cover moves in. The temperature will drop a lot.
16. That black ___ in the sky looks scary. Do you think it'll turn into a tornado?