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1. The cops ___ed the yelling, violent man slowly and carefully.
4. I won't make it on time. There just too much ___ on the freeway.
5. They like to have BBQs on their ___ in the back yard every summer.
7. She was a very ___ woman. Men asked her out every day.
10. Riding bicycles was good training for riding ___s.
11. Coffee is okay, but actually I'd ___ tea if you have it.
13. My ___ won't stay open. I need to buy a new one before it rains again.
14. The ___ lead in the play is a woman who has cancer.
15. Will you ___ my briefcase while I get some money out of my wallet?
16. My parents are ___ that I dropped out of college. They're not happy.


1. Are you ___ to help me this afternoon? I hope you are free.
2. This is your final ___; you must vacate this apartment immediately.
3. Drivers can now use their smart phones to find a parking ___ in many big cities.
6. The boat was so ___ that it sank; 10 people drowned.
8. This new version of the software is a big ___ over the previous version. It's a lot easier to use.
9. Did you ___ your fingernail trying to open that jar?
12. Moms with big families often drive minivans or station ___s.