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 20                 21     

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1. The bedroom ___ is full of clothes and towels.
4. Does the bathroom ___ fog up when you take a hot shower?
6. A house without a firm, strong ___ will eventually collapse.
9. Can you ___ centimeters using an ordinary ruler?
10. Santiago is the capital of ___, a country in South America.
11. A large ___ in the support pillar caused the engineers to close the overpass.
13. The table is set; there are ___s, bowls, cups, glasses, and silverware.
14. ___ enough, she was dying from cancer but wasn't suffering at all.
17. She wasn't expecting a party for her birthday, so she was very ___d.
18. The ___ scale is a measure of how strong an earthquake is.
20. The pitcher threw three ___s and the batter was out.
22. The lamp ___ed onto the floor after the cat jumped onto the table.
23. You can ___ a basketball, but not a bowling ball.
24. ___s occur in the ground and can shake buildings violently.
25. Do you weigh yourself on your bathroom ___?
26. The Earth has ___ plates that shift and cause earthquakes.


2. A ___ is an instrument that produces a seismogram, which is a record of quake activity.
3. The car chase ended ___ when the driver crashed into another car head-on.
5. I hope no earthquakes ___ while I visit LA next month.
7. Do you have a smoke ___or and carbon monoxide ___or in your home?
8. Did you hear the loud ___ and see the lightning? It scared me to death.
12. It is about nine feet from floor to ___.
15. "___" is short for "earthquake."
16. A seismograph is an ___ for measuring the strength of quakes.
19. The bomb ___d, but fortunately nobody was killed.
20. Insects at a lake often fly near the ___ of the water.
21. Did a ___ crash onshore in Indonesia and kill thousands of people?