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1. He jumped from one subway platform to the other! That was the most ___ thing I ever saw!
4. The old wooden sailing ___ had sailed around the world many times.
6. Don't point your ___ at me. It wasn't my fault.
10. Almost everyone has to pay income tax ___.
11. He ___ped his foot on the floor as he waited impatiently.
13. Did she get down on her ___s and pray?
16. Sometimes it helps to ___ the brakes in an emergency.
17. There was no ___ that he was going to leave home.
18. She made a ___ like she was going to punch him.
19. My car isn't working ___; it stalls at stoplights.


2. He has ___ arms because he lifts weights.
3. A ___ person is a dependable person.
5. Cancer is a ___ that kills millions annually.
7. Buy a ___ of milk and a quart of ice cream at the market, will you?
8. How many times a minute do you ___ your eyes?
9. The freezer isn't ___ing properly; everything in it is melting.
12. The cop and his ___ got out of the patrol car.
14. My doctor is an ___ in infectious diseases. Few people know more about them than he does.
15. He made a ___ mistake. He drove while drunk, and killed himself.