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2. People who are ill often take some kind of ___.
4. Because she had diabetes, ___ of both her feet was necessary. She didn't need shoes anymore.
6. Her calves are almost as big around as my ___s.
8. Both auto crash victims lost ___ and had to be revived by paramedics.
9. Did the shinbone ___ through the skin when the bone got broken?
12. That was a ___ increase in sales. I think we're on our way profitwise.
13. The ___ is your thigh bone. Is it the biggest bone in your body?
14. Once you get certain types of cancer, a rapid death is ___. There's nothing doctors can do.
16. He doesn't ever wear a belt; he always wears ___ers.
18. Did he go to the oral ___ department to get his wisdom teeth pulled?
19. He was ___ing and groaning while in significant pain.
20. Pitchers throw fast balls and ___ balls. The ___ balls go left to right or right to left.
22. The ___ saw the accident and stopped to help the victims.
24. The ___ from the car accident was all over the intersection.
25. Can you put toothpaste back into the toothpaste ___?


1. Young people ___ a lot faster from injuries than old people.
2. The ___ flew 50 feet through the air after he T-boned the car.
3. The paramedics put the victim onto the ___ and rolled it into the truck.
5. The storm caused the whole tree to ___ onto my parked car.
6. Did you wash your hands ___ after touching all those dollar bills?
7. They ___d his head so he wouldn't get a spinal injury.
10. After the doctor ___s me, I hope he'll give me a clean bill of health.
11. My eye is very red. I think it's some kind of ___.
15. Diabetes victims often get their feet and legs ___d. They end up needing wheelchairs.
17. You can't play a phonograph record without a sharp ___.
21. They wired his ___ shut. He had to eat and drink through a straw.
23. Soccer players wear ___ guards to protect that part of their legs.