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1. I have 20/20 ___. How is your eyesight?
3. Is the ___ the back wall of your eyeball?
7. If you have poor vision, you need ___ lenses.
8. I have good ___; my vision has always been good.
9. A ___ is an optical device that bends light waves.
12. She ___ed from being a Protestant to becoming a Catholic.
13. Candy is near the checkout registers for ___ buyers.
14. The light gets ___mer as the sun goes down.
15. You'll need to put the car in ___ if you want to get out of this parking spot.


2. Do you ___ to my smoking? If you do, I'll put my cigarette out.
4. You have a lot of ___ to ask for a ride when you never chip in for gas.
5. This candy is so ___. I could eat two or three handfuls.
6. The ___s of your eyes get bigger when the light gets dimmer.
10. My ___ growls when I'm hungry.
11. The drunk ___d home, almost tripping and falling all the way.