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1. ___s come in all materials and sizes; everything is shipped in ___s.
4. Should many consumers reduce their salt and sugar ___?
7. A food ___ processes raw food and transforms it into tasty food, often by adding sugar and salt.
10. Can you wrap this ___ and tie a bow on it?
12. The Food and Drug ___ is one agency in charge of American food safety.
13. A large ___ of ice fell off the roof onto the sidewalk.
17. This commercial is ___; it makes you think that lots of sugar is good for you.
18. ET = ___ Terrestrial. He was the famous character in the 1982 movie.
19. Kids need parental ___ to see certain movies.
23. The ___ Department is in charge of the food grown and the animals slaughtered in the U.S.
24. Does white sugar contain more ___s than honey?
25. ___s need to read the labels on the processed food they eat.


2. Good ___ is essential to good health; you are what you eat.
3. People on ___ often don't eat as well as employed people.
5. Can you believe that someone paid $736,000 for a huge bluefin ___?
6. The ___s on food containers present confusing information.
8. Do you have ___ and pepper shakers on your dinner table?
9. Most health ___s tell people to reduce their salt and sugar intake, eat more produce, and exercise more.
11. Does all the information about food simply ___ and mystify you?
14. ___ of how much you exercise, you still need to eat less to lose weight.
15. ___ is a pinkish orange color. It's also a fish that swims upstream.
16. Which ___ do you prefer--milk, orange juice, coffee, beer, or water?
20. His batting ___ is .333. Does that mean he gets a hit every third at-bat?
21. I am so ___ I could drink a gallon of water.
22. The ___ Bureau of Investigation has a Hostage Rescue Team.