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1. I need to see your high school ___ before I can hire you.
6. Many people like to ___ by watching TV after a hard day at work.
7. A ___ is a professional who tells jokes and makes you laugh. Jerry Seinfeld and Rodney Dangerfield were ___s.
9. Aren't there any new programs on TV during the summer? All I see are ___s.
10. Movie stars and athletes have many ___s who adore them.
11. Just ___ the letters into the mailbox.
12. Why is your chin on your chest? Are you ___ed? You look so anxious.


2. I prefer to eat ___ meat, but my sister likes meat with lots of fat.
3. The ___ at the intersection occurred at midnight. Both drivers were drunk.
4. ___, I swim in the ocean, but usually I swim in the neighborhood pool.
5. We get over 200 different TV ___s, but most of them aren't worth watching.
6. Where is the ___? I can't change channels without the ___.
8. He wanted to ___ the landlord for raising the rent so much.