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3. A ___ eats no meat. A vegan eats nothing that was part of or came from any animal.
5. Is black the ___ of white? Is fast the ___ of slow?
7. There's a bad ___ in the room. Did someone just take off their shoes?
11. I can't find the ___ to this jar. Do you know where it is?
12. McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's are famous for their ___s.


1. That's a big book___ in your living room. How many books are in it?.
2. The traffic lights stopped working at the busy ___ of Main and Apple streets.
4. His mouth was so dry that he couldn't even ___.
6. You chew with your mouth, you hear with your ears, and you ___ with your nose.
8. ___s are huge metal boxes with lids on them. People put garbage in them.
9. The flower shop is at the ___ of Broadway and 34th streets.
10. The spirit is willing but the ___ is weak.