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3. Beer usually contains only about 3-5% ___. Wine is about 12% ___.
6. The ___ price is always higher than the sale price.
8. He was ___ at cards, and ___ in love. They called him Mr. ___.
9. Keep your ___ if you want to return the merchandise.
11. The ___ section of the market is where all the fresh fruit and vegetables are.
13. He ___ed the bananas on the hanging scale.
15. Is the ___ of your car big enough for four bags of golf clubs?
16. Are all credit cards made of ___?


1. The ___ of the shopping cart was dirty, so he cleaned it.
2. Are milk products in the ___ section of the market?
4. A supermarket has many different ___s--produce, dairy, meat, fish, baked goods, etc.
5. Where are all the shopping ___s? Did someone steal them from the supermarket?
7. He grew up in a mountainous ___ of his country.
10. It's impossible to ___ a rope. You can easily pull one though.
12. Bugs Bunny loves to eat ___s. Most rabbits love this orange vegetable.
14. ___ a broom and help us sweep up all this debris.