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3. Whales, tuna fish, and sharks live in the ___.
5. The ___s of many countries are beautiful because they are near the ocean.
7. An elephant uses its ___ to pick up things.
9. Do you wear ___ and flip-flops on hot days?
11. ___s ride their surfboards on ocean waves.
12. The blue ___ is the largest creature on Earth. It lives in the ocean.
14. Most men don't wear pink ___, while many women do. Always wear clean ___, your mom will tell you.
15. People ___ when they get cold.


1. Do you put a lot of toothpaste on your ___?
2. ___ your suitcase before you go on a trip.
4. It's not freezing cold outside, but it is a little ___.
6. For your trip, did you fit all your clothes into one ___?
8. Let's drive high up the ___ and enjoy the view from the restaurant at the top.
10. Card___. Surf___. White___. Black___. Chalk___. Game___.
13. People ___ their hands to say Hello and to say Goodbye.