8. Drive-Thru Visit (A)


It was a cool Friday night in the city of Pasadena. Maria was studying for school at home. She needed to get the best grades possible. Maria was a high achiever when it came to school. She had been attending university for two years now. She almost finished getting her Bachelor's degree. Maria had been studying for hours on end. She looked up at the clock on the wall, and noticed it was going to be eight o'clock soon.

Mike was not home. He had called Maria earlier, and told her he was working late tonight. Maria did not like it when Mike stayed late for work. She did not like being alone in the apartment. She tried not to think about it. Maria focused on reading her history textbook. History was the subject she was majoring in at the university. History had fascinated her since she was a teenager. Her favorite part of History was Western civilization.

She suddenly felt the urge to eat something. She was starving. She looked inside the fridge and found there was nothing to eat inside. She decided to go out and eat. Maria owned her own car. She drove it to the nearest fast-food location to her apartment. When she saw that there were a lot of people inside the restaurant she went to the drive-thru instead. She pulled up to the window to make her order.



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