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In this conversation, an international student has been asked to see her advisor. The advisor has something very important to discuss with the student.

Student: You wanted to see me?

Advisor: That's right. We need to have a serious talk.

Student: About what?

Advisor: Your attendance--or rather, lack of it.

Student: OK, so I've ditched class a few times . . .

Advisor: A few times? I've been told you've missed six out of eight times in two different classes! That's really setting yourself up to fail.

Student: Oh, come on. Those classes are really boring!

Advisor: But they're also required, so that doesn't matter. You're about to be in big trouble.

Student: What's the big deal about missing some classes?

Advisor: The big deal is that you're here on a student visa.

Student: So?

Advisor: So if you don't attend class regularly, you won't be a full-time student--which your visa requires. You'll be out of status.

Student: What are you gonna do? Turn me in to the Immigration Police?

Advisor: Oh, of course I'll have to report you if you continue missing your class, but I'm going to do something else first.

Student: Like what?

Advisor: Like faxing your father.