Shopping in America (3)

Conversation A


Exercise A: Practicing Useful Shopping-Related Expressions

Instructions: Carefully read the following mini-conversations and, for each, construct a sentence that restates the speaker's words, using any of the shopping-related words or expressions used in Conversation A and defined above. Suggested answers are provided at the end of this lesson. However, you are advised not to consult them until you have attempted the exercise.

1. Tom: If I had shopped around first before I bought my VCR, perhaps I wouldn't have been cheated.

2. Nancy: Jewel's got a buy-one-get-one-free sale on Florida oranges and cantaloupes. Isn't that great? We need to stock up.

3. Greg: Don't you think the prices at Saks Fifth Avenue are somewhat unreasonable? Imagine buying an ordinary T-shirt for 50 bucks! I'd prefer to keep it at a museum.

4. Anna: I always buy my cheese at Strawberry fields. You can find any kind of cheese there. Yup. You name it and it's there.

5. Kim: I'll go in and ask them whether they have milk in the store.

6. Shiho: It's time to go shopping, Dan. Don't forget the list on which you wrote what you'd like to buy.

Exercise B: What Kind of Store?

Instructions:Read each mini-dialog and specify where it is taking place. In other words, is it in a department store, a bookstore, a supermarket or grocery store, an appliance store, a shoe store, a drive-in fast food restaurant, or a movie theater box office?

1. Sean: Two for A Walk in the Clouds, please.

Agent: Eleven dollars. Okay. Here are your tickets, and here's your change.

Sean: Thank you.

2.Cashier: Can I take your order?

John: Yes, please. Could I have a cheese burger, a small order of fries, and a large Diet Pepsi.

Cashier: Will that be all, Sir?

John: Actually, make that a large order of fries.

Cashier: Okay, coming right up. Anything else?

John: No. Thanks.

Cashier: Ketchup?

John: Yes, please.

Cashier: That will be $ 5:30. Your order will be ready at the next window.

John: Thanks.

3. Anna: Excuse me, please. I'd like to know whether a book that I'd ordered has come in.

Agent: One moment please. Let me move over to a computer. What's your last name?

Anna: Brown.

Agent: Okay. Yes, it's in. It arrived this morning, and it should be on the shelf, under Psychology. That's in aisle 10 downstairs.

Anna: Thanks.

Agent: You're welcome. All books with red dots on them are on sale today.

Anna: Great! Perhaps I'll buy some.

Agent: do so. We don't have such sales that often.

4. Salesperson: How are you today, Ma'am?

Lydia: Fine, thank you. I'm looking for a pair of white shoes. Do you have any others apart from those on display?

Salesperson: Let me check? In what size?

Lydia: Seven and a half, please.

Salesperson: I'll be right back.

Lydia: Thanks.

5. Mark: Excuse me, please. Just a quick question. Where's the men's department?

Salesperson: On the fourth floor, Sir.

Mark: And Customer Service?

Salesperson: In the basement.

Mark: Thank you.

6. Cashier: Hello. I'll ring these up for you in a minute. I just need to do a quick price check on the Pepperidge crackers.

Bella: It's a buy-one-get-one free sale but I don't remember the exact price.

Cashier: We'll know soon. Ah! Here comes Rich.

Rich: They're two-for-one at $2:50.

Cashier: Thanks, Rich. How would you like to pay for these Ma'am? Cash, check, or charge?

Bella: I'll use my Discover card.

Cashier: Okay. Would you like a cash advance?

Anna: What's that?

Cashier: Well, it simply allows you to withdraw money, like an ATM card, except that you don't have to pay any interest for it.

Cashier: Could you please hit the green button once you agree with the total price.

Anna: Okay,

Rich:How would you like them bagged, Ma'am? Plastic or paper ?

Anna: Paper, please. The paper bags make handy trash bags.

Cashier: That's right! Sign next to the "X", please. Anna: Thanks.