Shopping in America (2)

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Conversation B

(At the mall)

Anna: Here we are, guys, I'm going to stop by Bergner's first. I might just get lucky today. Who knows, some of their dresses might be on SALE.


Will: It's a fairly well-known department store. Sort of like Penny's. They've got some quality stuff. Wanna check it out?

Masahiro: Why not.

Anna: I need to get something for Lisa's birthday. She's into name brands. Any suggestions?

Will: A Gucci handbag or Calvin Klein T-shirt might be nice. Designer perfume is another option. Which reminds me! I have a 15% discount coupon for Lerner's and Penny's. I hardly ever shop at Lerner's, as I'm not that big on women's clothing. And I rarely shop at Penny's, so go ahead and use the coupons if you can. Here they are (handing them over).

Anna: Thanks a lot, Will. That's really very thoughtful of you.

Will: My pleasure, Ma'am!

Anna: Oh no! I was supposed to give Liz a buzz an hour ago! Hope I have a quarter (checks her purse).

Will: Need a nickle?

Anna: Actually, I don't have anything but pennies in change. Does any of you have a dollar in change?

Masahiro: Sorry, I don't, but I do have 35 cents on me. Will that be okay for the phone call?

Anna: Great! I really appreciate it. I'll make it quick. Do you guys want to go ahead?

Masahiro: We'll wait.

Will: Just don't forget us.

Anna: I won't. Why don't we just meet here in 30 minutes?

Will: Sounds good. I guess I'll just look around.

Salesperson: Can I help you, Sir?

Will: No thanks, I'm just looking. Well, just out of curiosity, how much is that necklace?

Salesperson: Twenty-nine, ninty nine.

Will: Really! My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She loves jewellry. I just wasn't sure I could afford it.

Saleperson: You'll find that a lot of our stuff is amazingly affordable.

Will: Well, that's certainly nice to know. I'll take it.

Saleperson: It's a good choice. I'm sure she'll love it.

Will: Let's hope so.

Salesperson: Cash or charge, Sir?

Will: Charge, please. Do you accept Discover?

Salesperson: Yes, we do.

Will: Great.

Salesperson: That comes to thirty one, ninty-nine with tax (handing him the charge sheet). Please sign next to the "X."

[Meanwhile, in another section of the store]

Salesperson: Do you need some help, Sir?

Masahiro: Well, I'm looking for . . . let's see. I've forgotten the name again! It's used to make fresh coffee.

Salesperson: A coffee maker?

Masahiro: That's right.

Salesperson: Well, we have a few in kitchenware, which is upstairs.

Masahiro: Thank you.

Salesperson: You're welcome.

[minutes later]

Anna: Oh, there you are, Masa! What did you get?

Masahiro: Just a simple coffee maker.

Anna: Good choice. And you, Will? Find anything interesting?

Will: A necklace for Stephanie's birthday.

Anna: Lucky her!

Will: Did you get anything?

Anna: Just a couple of silly earrings that I liked. I hope I wear 'em! I did a lot of window shopping.

Will: That can't hurt.

Anna: True. Well, do you guys need anything else from this place?

Masa: One last thing. Oh no! I've forgotten what you call it?

Will: Just describe it and we'll probably figure out what it's called.

Masa: It's a crystal container for flowers with long stems. I need to get one for my Mom.

Anna: Oh! A VASE!

Masa: That's it!

Anna: They should have a bunch in giftware.

Will: Let's go get one.

Anna: I'm going to have to stop by Jewel on my way home. Is that okay with you guys? I'm almost completely out of groceries.

Will: No problems. I could pick up a couple of things, too.

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