79. Her Meow Book

Lulu couldn’t find her favorite book. Her favorite was about a cat. The name of the was Meow. The name of the book was “ Is Meow?” Lulu asked her mom, “Mommy, where my Meow book? Where is ‘How Is Meow?’” mom didn’t know. “Where did you leave it? you remember where you left it?” Lulu didn’t . “I don’t remember,” she said. They looked in kitchen. They looked in the living room. They in the bedroom. They couldn’t find her favorite . That night Lulu got ready for bed. She her teeth. She put on her pajamas. She into bed. She put her hand under her . She felt something under her pillow. “Mommy,” she . “I found my book. I found ‘How Is ?’. It was under my pillow. Come read it me, please.”