112. Do This, Daddy Says

Look both ways before you cross the street. clean underwear. Do your homework. Be polite. Obey parents. Go to school. Stay in school. Wash hands. Wipe your nose. Wipe your feet. Wash face. Brush your teeth. Take the dog for walk. Clean the cat’s litter box. Be a boy. Be a good girl. Turn down the . Turn off the TV. Stand up straight. Chew your mouth closed. Close the door. Do as say, not as I do. Mind your manners. nice to your brother. Be nice to your . Watch your brother. Play with your sister. Be . Study. Listen to your teachers. Keep trying. Sit on the bus. Buckle your seat belt. Try . Try these. Change your clothes. Put on a shirt. Get dressed. Get into your pajamas. Go your room. Clean up your room. Make your . Go to bed. Kiss your mommy good night. Thank You. Say Please. Say You’re Welcome. Say prayers.