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1. ___ jelly, ___ jam, and ___ preserves are made from ___s. So is wine.
3. He ___ the refrigerator and took out a carton of milk.
5. He put his sandwich on the ___ and put the ___ on the table.
6. ___es are so delicious--start with two slices of bread, and add anything you want.
8. Peanut ___ and jelly (PB&J) is a popular sandwich for young and old.
11. Make your sandwich in the kitchen and eat it in the ___ room.
14. He scooped some peanut butter out of the jar and ___ it on a slice of bread.
15. He ___ the plate from the kitchen to the dining room.
17. Most people drink ___ that comes from cows, but many people drink goat ___ or soy ___.
18. There are many flavors of jam, ___, and preserves; they are all delicious!
19. The temperature in your ___ should be about 40 degrees, or the food might spoil.


2. ___ the milk back into the refrigerator or it will go bad.
4. ___ butter is just one kind of nut butter--others are almond butter, cashew butter, and pecan butter.
5. He opened the milk carton and ___ some milk into a glass.
7. Whose book is this? Is it yours, or hers, or ___?
9. He keeps the milk in the ___ section of his refrigerator; the vegetables are in the bottom section.
10. Make sure you wipe off the dining room ___ after you eat lunch.
12. I can't eat right ___; I'll have to get something to eat later.
13. For dessert, she had a couple of cookies and a ___ of cold milk.
14. She put a couple of ___s of cheese on a ___ of bread and folded the bread in half.
16. He took a ___ out of the apple. It was delicious.
18. The ___ of peanut butter was in the kitchen cabinet next to the box of crackers.