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1. He is such a ___ young man--he always says Please and Thank You.
5. He bought a new ___ to go with his new business suit.
6. After he graduates from ___, he plans to work for a bank.
7. His brown ___ got wet and dirty after he spent the afternoon outside in the rain.
9. A ___ fell off my shirt; I have to sew it back on.
12. What ___ of job do you want to get after you graduate from college?
15. Try to ___ him up; he's feeling blue because he just lost his job.
16. Nobody tells the ___ all the time, but some people lie all the time.
18. The high school ___ will enter college in the fall.
19. You have to take ___ of yourself if you want to live a long life.
20. She ___ed her hair with her hair___, and then she ___ed her teeth.


2. He ___ ESL for 20 years, and then he married one of his students.
3. Students who drop out of ___ school might be sorry later on.
4. His ___ taught him to be polite and kind; his dad taught him to stay in school.
8. He's very generous; he will give you the ___ off his back in wintertime.
10. Most ___ers love to ___; their students love to learn.
11. Many ___ men and women have a bright future ahead of them.
13. I don't feel ___; I think I'll go lie down for a while.
14. She got all ___ up for the party; everyone said she looked great.
17. His ___ were brown and yellow from all the cigarettes he smoked. (And his breath stunk.)