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2. A fish lives in ___. A cow lives on land, but it drinks ___.
4. A. A ___ is sharp. Does a ___ hurt the worm? B. I don't think so.
6. She ___ fishing with her dad yesterday. She will go fishing again next week.
7. Fish, like dogs, are many different sizes; there are big fish, medium-sized fish, and ___ fish.
8. A tuna fish is a ___ fish; a sardine is a little fish.
9. People go fishing in oceans, ___s, ponds, rivers, and streams.
11. A. I went fishing yesterday. ___ how many fish I caught. B. I give up. Tell me how many you caught.
14. The water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming ___.
16. A worm cannot talk. It cannot ___ anything.
17. Fishermen put dead fish or live ___s on their hooks. The live ___s wiggle on the hooks.


1. A. ___ do you know if a hook hurts a worm? B. You don't, because you're not a worm.
3. A. What can a worm talk about? B. It can't talk about ___, because it can't talk.
4. Does a sharp hook ___ a worm? Does it ___ a fish? It ___s your finger if you stick it in your finger!
5. Some people ___ too much. They never shut up. Worms and fish never ___ too much.
6. A. Where ___ you all day yesterday? B. I was at the lake.
10. I don't ___ if a hook hurts a worm or a fish. Nobody ___s.
12. Fish automatically know how to ___. People have to learn how to ___.
13. Cat___, tuna ___, ___ and chips, ___ing boat. Some people won't eat meat, but they will eat ___.
14. A. I went fishing yesterday. B. Did you catch ___ fish? A. Yes, I caught some fish.
15. I hope I catch a ___ of fish tomorrow, not just one or two fish.