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1. A. ___ what I'm holding in my hand? B. I give up. What are you holding in your hand?
3. Is the ___ seat of a car usually safer than the front seat?
4. We're going to the ___. We will watch the surfers and maybe see a whale.
8. Don't stick your head or arms out the ___ of a moving car. It's dangerous.
9. Both boys ___red sitting in the front seat. They both hated sitting in the back seat.
10. They both tried to open the front ___ of the car. They didn't touch the back door.
11. Both boys ran to the car. Dave got ___ first. Dick got ___ second.
14. They liked to stick their ___s and arms out the window.
15. Dick ran to the car. Then he fell to the ___.
19. They ran out of the house and ___ to the car. They ran directly to the car.
20. Most cars have two ___s--a front ___ and a back ___.


2. Dave got to the car first. Dick got to the car ___.
5. Both boys liked to ride in the ___ to the beach.
6. Dad had two sons. One ___ was named Dave, and the other ___ was named Dick.
7. They liked to feel the ___ as the car went down the road.
8. A. Guess ___ I'm holding in my hand? B. I give up. ___ are you holding in your hand?
10. Their ___ was going to drive the two boys to the beach.
12. The drive to the beach would take an ___ (60 minutes).
13. The driver always sits in the ___ seat of a car. Passengers sit in the ___ seat or back seat.
14. Both boys ran out of the ___ and straight to the car.
16. They got in the car. Dad was going to ___ the car to the beach.
17. ___, second, third, fourth. Dave got to the car ___.
18. Be safe. Be smart. Always keep your head, ___s, and legs inside of a moving car.