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1. She likes that book more than any other book. It is her ___ book.
5. A. Where did you ___ it? B. I'm not sure. Maybe I left it in the car.
6. Many people read a popular ___. A popular ___ sometimes becomes a popular movie.
8. Your bed and pillows are in your ___. The toilet is in the bathroom.
9. Did she put her ___ under her pillow after she got into bed?
13. A dog barks; a cat ___s; a lion roars.
15. ___ help me find my favorite book.
16. Maybe the book is on the coffee table in the ___ room.
17. ___s and dogs are America's most popular pets.
18. She ___ed, "Help!" when the cat started biting her.
19. Cats have very sharp ___. Don't put your finger in their mouths.


2. Families like to watch TV in their living ___s.
3. Women usually wear nightgowns or ___ to bed.
4. A. Do you ___ where you put it? B. No, I forget where I put it.
6. She ___ed her hair with a hair___; she ___ed her teeth with a tooth___.
7. She felt ___ under her pillow; she didn't know what it was. It felt hard.
8. My dining table is in my dining room; my ___ is in my bedroom.
10. The ___ of her favorite book is "How Is Meow?" That's a good title.
11. The little girl asked her loving ___ to help find the missing book.
12. A. Are you ___ for bed? B. No, I'm not ___. I haven't brushed my teeth yet. I haven't put on my pajamas yet.
14. She went into the ___ and opened the refrigerator.
15. She put her head on the soft ___ and went to sleep.