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3. Some streets have a stop ___. Some streets have a lighted crosswalk ___.
4. A. What does a red traffic light ___? B. It ___s stop.
5. Many busy intersections have traffic ___s to control the traffic.
6. There are two ___s to every street. Many streets have ___walks next to them.
7. His ___ always told him to cross the street at an intersection. He always did what his dad told him.
9. He looked ___ ways before crossing the street. He looked to the right and to the left.
11. His father said ___ cross the street in the middle of the block.
12. He walked ___ the street. He used the crosswalk.
16. The light at the ___ of a traffic light is green.
17. Never cross a street in the middle of the ___. Always cross at an intersection.
18. Walk in the ___ to cross the street. The ___ is painted. The ___ is for pedestrians.


1. The place where two streets come together is called an ___.
2. He always looked both ___s before crossing the street.
3. An intersection is where two ___s meet. Intersections usually have traffic lights or stop signs.
4. Police will give you a ticket in some cities if you cross in the ___ of the street. That's called jaywalking.
7. Lighted crosswalk signs will show a white ___ walking when it's okay to walk across the street.
8. ___ lights at intersections control the movement of cars.
10. When the lighted crosswalk sign shows a red ___, the red ___ means Don't Walk.
11. Is ___ the opposite of south? Is east the opposite of west?
13. North Dakota and North Carolina are states. ___ Dakota and ___ Carolina are states, too.
14. The ___ of the top light on a traffic light is red.
15. The opposite of bottom is ___. The ___ light on a traffic light is red.