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2. Squirrels and cats can ___ trees, but dogs cannot. Dogs stay on the ground.
5. A. What's your ___? B. My ___ is Bob. What's your ___?
6. She didn't have a pet dog; she had a pet ___.
7. Do you ___ what I'm saying? I know you hear me, but do you ___ me?
8. Please go away. ___ me alone.
9. A ___ eats nuts and has a big, bushy tail. It lives in trees.
11. Does a squirrel have a big, bushy ___? Does a squirrel eat nuts?
12. Stay away from ___ people. His wife drove him ___. That's a ___ idea.
13. A dog barks; a cat ___s.
15. A cat chases ___s that move, such as balls and butterflies.
16. Will you please leave me ___? Just go away, so I can be by myself.


1. There are no trees in the front ___, but there is a big tree in the middle of the back ___.
2. A squirrel makes a ___ing sound when it "talks." Your teeth might ___ if you're outside in the freezing cold.
3. There's a big tree in the ___ of the back yard. A bull's-eye is always in the ___ of a circle.
4. You will not see a single bee or ___ on flowers during a cold winter.
6. Dogs ___ cats. Cats don't ___ dogs; cats run away from dogs.
9. Please ___ more slowly; I do not understand what you are saying.
10. Cats, dogs, and squirrels can ___ or lower their tails.
12. A squirrel ___s when it "talks." When you use a computer, you ___ on a link.
14. He sat down. He took off one shoe; then he took off the ___ one.