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2. You ___ not stand behind a horse. It could kick you. That would be bad.
6. The horse ___ the sugar cubes after it ___ the carrots.
7. ___ these sugar cubes in your hand. My horse will eat them from your hand.
8. A. Why do horses like carrots? Carrots are ___ favorite food. B. Not mine! I hate carrots.
10. A. I don't like carrots ___ much. B. Me neither. I don't like them at all.
11. Be careful when you ___ sugar cubes to the horse. It might accidentally bite you.
12. A. Is this a brand ___ stable? B. Yes. The old one burnt down last year.
14. I named the horse ___ because it loves to eat ___ cubes out of my hand.
16. She took some sugar cubes out of her shirt ___ and fed them to the horse.


1. My horse stays in a wooden ___. The ___ protects the horse from bad weather.
3. She said ___ to the horse. Of course, the horse didn't say ___ back, because a horse can't talk.
4. A. Oh, that looks like fun. ___ me feed the horse, please. B. Of course I will ___ you. Here are some sugar cubes.
5. Our horse loves orange ___s and sugar, so let's bake a ___ cake for him. He'll love a ___ cake.
7. She put her ___s behind her back. The horse tried to find the sugar cubes in her ___s.
9. Do cowboys ride ___s? Do jockeys ride ___s? Is a pony a young ___?
11. Horses can run very ___. They eat sugar cubes ___, too.
12. A. What's the ___ of your horse? B. His ___ is Sugar. A. That's a nice ___.
13. A. ___ did you name your horse Sugar? B. Because he likes sugar so much.
15. She ___ the horse a few sugar cubes. She wanted to give him more, but she didn't have any more.
17. Do you give sugar ___s to horses? Do you put sugar ___s in your coffee?